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History of BPS

Belilios Public School is a government grammar secondary school for girls in Hong Kong. It is operated by the Education and Manpower Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

In 1890, the Government set up the Central School for Girls. When Mr. E.R. Belilios, a Jewish philanthropist donated $25,000 for a new building for the Central School for Girls in 1893, a 3-storeyed building was erected in Hollywood Road. The school was re-named Belilios Public School in honour of Mr. Belilios. In April 1965, the school moved to its present premises in Tin Hau Temple Road. To mark the occasion, a new school motto 'Climb High, See Wide', a school song and a new school badge were created.

The BPS Time Channel collected lots of precious photos of the golden days in BPS. Can you find your footprints here? To view these valuable photos: BPS Time Channel




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