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Photo gallery

  BOGA 2019 AGM & BPS Home-Coming Day 2019 new! 1st Jun 2019new!
  BOGA Outing 2019 new! 19th Apr 2019new!
  BOGA High Tea Talk 12th Jan 2019
  BPS Prize Giving Day 5th Dec 2018
  Choir Performance at BPS Song Parade 2018 10th Nov 2018
  BOGA STEM (Technology) Award 2018 Presentation 14th Dec 2018
  BOGA Mentorship Programme 2018 Launching Ceremony 10th Nov 2018
  BPS Career Expo 2018 10th Nov 2018
  BPS Swimming Gala 9th Oct 2018
  Choir Performance at BW Movie Sunday Concert 7th Oct 2018
  BOGA 2018 AGM & 90th Dinner (Part III) 7th July 2018
  BOGA 2018 AGM & 90th Dinner (Part II) 7th July 2018
  BOGA 2018 AGM & 90th Dinner(Part I) 7th July 2018
  BPS Home Coming Day 2nd June 2018
  Choir Performance at BW Music Buddies Concert 12th May 2018
  BOGA Outing 2018 28th Jan 2018
  BPS Prize Giving Day 7th Dec 2017
  BPS Career Expo and Launching Ceremony of BOGA Mentorship Programme 11th Nov 2017
  BOGA Choir Performance at Song Parade 10th Nov 2017
  BPS Swimming Gala 10th Nov 2017
  BOGA 2017 AGM & BPS Home-coming Day 2017 3rd June 2017
  BOGA Outing 2017 7th May 2017
  BPS Open Days 31st Mar-1st Apr 2017
  BOGA 90th Anniversary Party 26th March 2017
  BPS Prize Giving Day 8th December 2016
  BOGA Mentorship Programme 2016 Launching Ceremony 19th November 2016
  BPS Career Expo 19th November 2016
  BPS Swimming Gala 17th November 2016
  BOGA e-Learning Award 2016 Presentation 4th November 2016
  BPS Sports Day 14th October 2016
  BOGA 2016 AGM & 89th Dinner 9th July 2016
  BPS Home Coming Day 4th June 2016
  BOGA NT Outing 2016 16th April 2016
  BOGA Mentorship Programme 2015 Launching Ceremony 21st November 2015
  BPS Swimming Gala 19th November 2015
  BPS Sports Day 2nd November 2015
  BOGA e-Learning Award 2015 Presentation 28th October 2015
  BPS 125th Anniversary Concert 29th September 2015
  BPS 125th Anniversary Dinner 19th September 2015
  BOGA 2015 AGM & BPS Home-coming Day 2015 6th June 2015
  BPS Open Days 8th-9th May 2015
  BOGA NT Outing 2015 29th March 2015
  BOGA Mentorship Program Gathering 2015 21st March 2015
  Old Girls' Sharing at Morning Assembly Oct 2014 - Apr 2015
  Kick-off Ceremony of Monthly Basketball Meet 31st January 2015
  BPS Career Expo 24th January 2015
  BOGA High Tea Talk 13rd December 2014
  BOGA Mentorship Programme 2014 Launching Ceremony 15th November 2014
BPS Swimming Gala 7th November 2014
  BOGA e-Learning Award Finalists Presentation 28th October 2014
  BPS Sports Day 8th October 2014
  BOGA 2014 AGM & 88th Dinner (Part II) 5th July 2014
  BOGA 2014 AGM & 88th Dinner (Part I) 5th July 2014
  BOGA NT Tour 9th March 2014
  BOGA Games Day 18th January 2014
  BOGA High Tea Talk 14th December 2013
  BPS Annual Prize Giving Day 6th December 2013
  BOGA Mentorship Programme 2013 Launching Ceremony 30th November 2013
  BPS Swimming Gala 15th November 2013
  BOGA e-Learning Award Finalists Presentation 7th November 2013
  BPS Sports Day 10th October 2013
  BOGA 2013 AGM & BPS Home-coming Day 2013 1st June 2013
  BPS Open Day 26th-27th April 2013
  BOGA NT Tour 2013 (Geopark) 3rd March 2013
  BOGA Games Day 2nd February 2013
  Mentorship Programme 2012 BBQ Gathering 19th January 2013
  BPS Prize Giving Day 7th December 2012
  BPS Sports Day 29th November 2012
  BOGA Mentorship Programme Launching Ceremony 17th November 2012
  BOGA e-Learning Award Finalists Presentation 11th November 2012
  BPS Swimming Gala 26th October 2012
  BOGA 2012 AGM & 86th Dinner (Part II) 6th October 2012
  BOGA 2012 AGM & 86th Dinner (Part I) 6th October 2012

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