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About BOGA

BOGA was founded in 1927 by a group of enthusiastic past students of Belilios Public School. With the establishment of the Association, we can advance the spirits of the School, strengthen the bonding and networking amongst past students, maintain a close link with the School and take an interest in the social and welfare needs of the community where appropriate. Apart from being a social club for its members, BOGA also offers services to its Alma Mater generally. She was incorporated on 2nd Janurary 2004.

The BOGA Website

The BOGA Website -, which was launched in May 2000, not only provides to the members the latest news about the Association and the Alma Mater, also provides a platform for BPS old girls to know more about the Association, to revisit their golden days at school and to locate their classmates in different parts of the world.

We'll keep you informed of the latest news about BOGA and BPS.
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