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Message from the President
Ms TSE Mui-li, Emily

President photo


I am honoured to be elected as the president of Belilios Old Girls’ Association (BOGA) that first graduated from the year of 1980’s. Today, as a president of BOGA, I am honoured to follow the footsteps of the former president. BOGA will always cherish your gracious support and strive for beneficial student services. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to all former BOGA Presidents and Executive Committees. All of you have made a great effort and contribution to the development of Alma Mater. My heartfelt thanks also go to all current Executive Committee members, who have devoted their valuable time and effort in bringing the continuous success of all BOGA future events.

My fate with BOGA is from the beginning of my form 2. I have been actively involving in helping out BOGA and providing communications for BOGA and the alumnae. I joined the BOGA committee in 1992 by coincidence at a BPS swimming team gathering. It is my privilege and pleasure to serve as a BOGA Executive Committee for 26 years. I have not only had the chances to get in touch with BPS internally during these years; but also externally, witnessing both the establishment of BOGA website in 2000 and the development of BOGA to a company limited in 2004, which contribute to the growth of the Belilian spirit. 

Compared to the years I studied at BPS, the current students are very lucky. They can enjoy benefits and support from the BOGA. We have organized a very successful mentorship program since 2005. It is composed of secondary five students, university students, and career mentors. We invite experienced old girls from different industries and professions to participate in the school’s career expo program. It supports and facilitates secondary four to six students’ search for job and internship opportunities. Besides the students, members of BOGA with various talented skills play an important role in this association. The old girls swimming team compete the old girls 4x50m medley relay at BPS Annual Swimming Gala every year since 2009. BOGA Choir, which was founded in 1990, arranges regular practices at BPS and performs at various school and public local music events. With the recent collaboration of the music band, Belilios Winds, the joint performers of BPS Choir, BOGA Choir and BPS Symphonic Band and Belilios Winds has bonded every one of us together, which prolongs the spirit of musical Belilios. Whether you are a music lover or a sports lover, BOGA offers a wide range of activities that fit you. Do come and join our activities, pass the torch and carry forward of our school motto “climb high see wide”. I look forward to seeing all alumnae join our BOGA family.



Message from the Principal

Principal photo

I am honoured to be a member of Belilios Public School, the first government girls’ school in Hong Kong with a prominent history and culture. Students impressed me as polite, humble and decent girls. I was also impressed by the unfailing dedication and whole-hearted commitment of different stakeholders, especially our old girls, to the school.

Your concerted effort and thoughtful generous donation have been making tremendous contributions to BPS and the students throughout the years. I should take this opportunity to show my heartfelt gratitude to alumnae for your care and love to the alma mater. Thank you, Belilians. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation should also be extended to the BOGA and BOGF for the constant and unstinting support by means of establishing scholarships, conducting mentorship programmes and participating in various school activities.

I look forward to welcoming you back to BPS and to hearing your stories, a wonderful part of our heritage.

Let’s work together to help our young Belilians shine in different areas inside and outside of BPS.


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