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BOGA Choir

The Belilios Old Girls’ Association (BOGA) Choir was born in 1990, when BPS celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Conducted by our alumnus Ms Vanessa Li, the 50 plus members made their debut in the BPS Anniversary Concert held on 9 December 1990 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

In 2000, by the time of BPS 110th Anniversary, the Choir was honoured to have their beloved music teacher, Mrs. Jennie Leung, as their conductor. Since then, with the leadership of Mrs. Leung, the Choir performed in the BPS 110th, 115th and 120th Anniversary Concerts.

With the retirement of Mrs Leung in 2012, the conductor role of the Choir was taken up by our old girls. We are very grateful to have Ms Leung Siu Kum and Ms Yvonne Lau to lead the Choir in the BPS 125th Anniversary Concert. 

Furthermore, the Choir fully supported BPS and BOGA through performances in various events such as BOGA Annual Dinners, BPS Open Days, BPS Anniversary Dinners, Parents-Teachers’ Association gatherings and BPS fund-raising performances. The Choir also contributed to the community by holding charity concerts for various organizations such as Fu Hong Society, Society for Community Organization, and homes for the elderly.

To prepare for the performances in the forthcoming concert and event, the BOGA Choir members, with age ranging from 20s to 60s, meet regularly at BPS Music Room for practices. If you are a music lover and want to sing in a choir, please do not hestitate to join us and share our joy and fun together!

125th Anniversary Concert

BPS Open Days 2015

2014 AGM

2013 Concert

2012 AGM

2012 AGM

120th Anniversary Concert

120th Anniversary Concert

2011 AGM

115th Anniversary


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